S9 E1: Eric Berne Memorial Article – Trudi Newton

This episode is the first audio version of the Eric Berne Memorial articles from the Transactional Analysis Journal. We plan to publish two a year as part of our sponsorship agreement.

Trudi Newton received the 2023 Eric Berne Memorial Award for her work in establishing a new meta-perspective that reframes transactional analysis as positive psychology. The article cited in the nomination, which you are about to hear, read by Trudi herself, is “The Health System: Metaphor and Meaning” from the July 2007 Transactional Analysis Journal.

Trudi’s paper is an exhortation to all of us to engage in a kind of ongoing, ground-breaking process of theoretical evolution through practice, reflecting the spirit of the early pioneers in TA theory.

You can view the diagrams that Trudi references on our website by clicking the link below:

There is also a link to Trudi’s acceptance speech which can be found on YouTube:

Link for the Transactional Analysis Journal: https://www.tandfonline.com/journals/rtaj20