Our Vision

Our vision is to build a global, well-established, autonomous platform which expresses the heart, ethics and theory of TA, recognised within and outside the TA community as a credible source of knowledge, insight and learning.

Our Mission

Create and curate a diverse auditory library of accessible learning resources for the TA community and beyond. Deliver content in an engaging way, where listeners feel inspired and connected to the global TA community.

Our Values


Making learning accessible, stimulating and enlivening.


Recognising everyone and the unique contributions they make.


Covering a wide and diverse range of topics and experiences by inviting guests from across the world.


Sharing insights, forging relationships, stimulating collaboration and delivering useful content.


Producing and publishing free, independent content.

Our Structure

Transactional Analysis Podcast (TAP) is a CIC (Community Interest Company). A CIC is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders. To set up a CIC you need: a ‘community interest statement’, explaining what your business plans to do. Our Community interest statement is aligned to our purpose which is:

“Our purpose is to express creativity, bring people together free of political agendas and hold a line of neutrality and empowerment of ourselves and the TA community.

We are driven to promote inclusiveness, diversity and tapping the unseen potential of TA. TAP is a platform to enhance the learning and enthusiasm of TA trainees, TA lovers and also recognition of the shared wisdom and potency of our guests.

The TA podcast is a strong collaborative force, playing to our strengths, while also constantly exploring and re-imagining our own evolution as an organisation. TAP facilitates connection, an opportunity to grow a network and strengthen a sense of belonging within the TA community.”

Our Host Team

Matt Taylor

Founding Host – all series

Of the many roles I have, being a TA psychotherapy student is one of the most inspiring and stimulating. I am primarily a family man, based in Cambridge with my wife and two adult children. Cambridge is a very intellectual and inspirational environment, and where we have the most wonderful community of friends. Other roles include mindfulness coach, hypnotherapist, and owner/manager, with my wife, of a wellbeing clinic. My passion is facilitating personal growth through understanding the flexibility of the mind-body system and utilising the remarkable resources humans possess.

I am the podcast co-founder, and responsible for the management and production of the podcast.


John Fleming

Founding Host – Organizational TA and Special Themes Series

I live by the sea in the wonderful West Cork, on the South West coast of Ireland. It’s a rural community that offers an eclectic mix of people, all of which have and continue, to shape my core values and work. I am a Transactional Analysis Trainee, training in the psychotherapy, education and organisational fields. Yes, I LOVE TA!! My background is in management consultancy and specifically in learning and development and organisational improvement. I am very passionate about creating safe spaces where people feel like they belong and can engage in personal & professional development.


Sarah Lowes

Host & Administrator – Educational TA Series

I live in Wiltshire in the south of the United Kingdom. I have a lifelong fascination with people, which I first indulged by playing different characters as a would-be actress. In recent years, I’ve indulged it by supporting real people through a career in learning & development. My mission is authenticity: helping people to be true to themselves at work, to experience more satisfaction and have a better impact on the world around them. I love TA because it provides a wealth of tools to do just that, and enables me to be my most authentic self in my work. I am a TA trainee, with a diploma in Organisational TA and working towards a CTA in Educational TA.

Parul Aurora

Host & Administrator – TA Counseling Series

I am a student of life and for life, happiest when I am learning something new. My latest passion is pottery, an act of mindfulness and meditation for me. Pottery, like life, is about consistency over force. Supporting a piece of clay consistently helps shape it while too much force breaks it. That’s why I love TA – especially the belief that people are OK and have the power to change. I am a student of TA Counseling, based in India. I have also trained in Person Centric (Rogerian) Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Pranic Healing. My dream was to become a doctor so I resonate with healing fields. Along with being a mental health counselor, I work as a Creative Director in Advertising. I love stories, people and helping people be the best versions of themselves.

Our Leadership

The Board of the CIC


 James Longwell





Joint MD & Operations Director

John Fleming

Joint MD & Production Director

Matt Taylor

Our Sponsors


The International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) is an individual membership organisation providing the TA Journal (TAJ) and the monthly Script newsletter with archives of both from the 1970’s.

For more information and to find out about the benefits of ITAA membership please click on the following link to visit their website: www.itaaworld.com


The European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA) has 44 member associations with more than 7550 members in 29 European countries. Its purpose is to promote knowledge and research on Transactional Analysis, to develop its theory, to ensure agreed standards of practice, and to promote cooperation in Europe in the field of Transactional Analysis.

For more information about EATA membership please click on the following link to visit their website: www.eatanews.org

Quality Control & Sponsorship Governance

It is of utmost importance to us that the podcast is a credible and reliable source of information on Transactional Analysis, as such it is part of our sponsorship agreement with ITAA and EATA that they nominate a representative each whom oversee our sponsorship agreement and who act as quality control reviewers for all of our content. Each episode is reviewed and approved by both representatives before being published.

Stephanie Oates

Director of Research & Development ITAA
ITAA Representative

Ana-Marija Vidjak

EATA Communications Committee Member
EATA Representative