S6 E5: Keiko Hoshino, Educational Transactional Analysis

Integrating the strengths of TA and Japanese Culture

In this episode, we speak with Keiko Hoshino who is a Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (PTSTA) in the Educational field (E).

Keiko established a training company in 2005 which specialises in hospitality and communication, and uses TA principles and theories alongside the strengths of Japanese culture to promote harmony and autonomy. She is involved with adult education, which includes staff training (covering interpersonal relationships within households orcompanies), as well as customer service and human resources development. The education content mainly consists of two parts; one is instructing Japanese-style service manners, the other is providing workshops on communication by Transactional Analysis (TA), as well as organising TA training and supervision sessions. includes staff training covering interpersonal relationships within households or companies, as well as customer service.

You can contact Keiko by email: keihosh@gmail.com