S10 E1: What is Script?

Script, or Life Script, is a theoretical pillar of Transactional Analysis.

In this short episode, we hear several guests from previous episodes give brief descriptions and definitions of Script, and how they integrate the theory into their work as Transactional Analysts.

Samples are taken from the following episodes – please click the links to go to the full episodes:

Covid-19 Panel Discussion (Special Theme Series, Episode 1), featuring Adrienne Lee, Thorsten Geck, Trudi Newton and Anna Chandy in this sample.

Cor Van Geffen – Organisational TA (Organisational Series, Episode 5)

Sylvie Monin – Counselling TA (Counselling Series, Episode 3)

Richard Erskine – Psychotherapy and TA (Psychotherapy Series, Episode 2)

Steff Oates – Psychotherapy and TA (Psychotherapy Series, Episode 5)